How's Your Image? - 2

I’ll just go ahead and continue from where I left off in the last post.

3. Wish Image: Remember the beginning of the year when we made resolutions & goals? I made a couple. I didn’t do quite so bad this year. In fact, I did pretty good. My resolutions and goals this year brought me a little closer to becoming the kind of woman I wish I was. It hasn’t been easy but every time I make a mistake, I retrace my steps, try to correct my mistakes and then I forge ahead. During the middle of the year, I got into a disagreement with a friend. When I called to apologize the next day, he was shocked into silence.
It hasn’t always been easy for me to say sorry. I’ll just do something nice for you or cover it up. I never come out right & apologize. I never hold grudges so I never truly got the finding it hard to say sorry bit. This year has been a very humbling year for me but it’s finally December and I feel like I’m less proud & arrogant. I’m moving closer to actually being meek & h…

How's Your Image?

I’ll be borrowing a couple of terms from Public Relations for this post. One of the amazing benefits of reading as much as I do is that I know a little bit of everything. I get to form my own opinion about these information and sometimes I use them to illustrate when I teach (like I’m doing now). Plus, I’ve always liked being a smart ass.
Let me go ahead and list the terms and their original meanings:
1. Corporate Image: The overall image or impression of an organization.
2. Current (present) Image: This kind of image is determined by corporate intelligence. Impression held by the public based on knowledge & experience.
3. Wish Image: The desired image an organization wants to have.
4. Multiple Images: An organization might be associated with these type of image due to the varied attitudes & behaviors of individuals at work in the establishment. This can be negative or positive.
5. Mirror (self) Image: How the organization thinks the public sees them or how an organization sees itse…

Let's Talk Soul Ties!

I realize how foreign this term still is to a lot of people and so I decided to write about it and share my own experiences with the subject matter (I know you like it when I do that). It’s not a new phenomenon, we just gave it a more befitting name. It’s real though and it affects a lot of people today.

What are soul ties?
A spiritual/emotional connection you have with someone after being intimate with them usually involving sexual intercourse (it can also be formed without coitus). To the point that when you want to be rid of them, from your mind and your life, even when there’s some distance between you, you still feel like they are a part of you. It feels like a part of you stayed with them and this might create a feeling that a piece of you is missing...forever.
I’ve heard it said that one of the dangers of premarital sex is that a part of you mixes with the other person and when you break up, it’s like tearing off a part of your soul, the Bible calls it a “knitting of souls”. Whet…

Living In The Present

Pursuit of contentment is not the pursuit of an elusive tomorrow; it is the celebration of today. In that, it is the pursuit to end all pursuits.” - Majid Kazmi

If you know me, you must know how impatient I am. I suck at waiting for things. I always try to hurry them along. It’s one of the reasons I have to be in control. Life humbles me from time to time though and all I can do is wait. God has scolded me often about my impatience. There was a particular month that every thing I studied in the Bible had to do with patience/long-suffering. I'm not as bad as I used to be, I’m still pretty impatient though.
When I was but a child, I was in a hurry to grow up. Every year has me looking forward to the next. I started to plan ahead and make goals (you know, put my bad habit to good use). It channeled my energy towards propelling me forward. It’s been great really, until I don’t achieve a particular goal and I’m bummed.
I’ve been chasing a particular project for a while now. I waited we…

Waiting To Exhale

I don't get a lot of things about this generation. We're f'ked up. Nobody is thinking right. Every where it's money & sex, money & sex, you're seriously telling me there's not more to life than these two? I'd read what some men write and I would be stunned, completely flabbergasted and then I would read from some women and I'm embarrassed for them, I want to find 'em & beat some sense into their heads. Someone told me recently that the reason I've been so unlucky in love is because those 2 things don't matter to me like they should. She's wrong. I'm not changing that part of me.
When I was 8, I remember my father saying, “Even if he's a taxi driver and he loves you very much, I'd release you to him as long as you love him in return”. I didn't get it then because I was a princess and I wanted my Prince Charming. I didn't get where the 'taxi driver's bride” bit was coming from. What he said shaped m…

...It Doesn't Hit The Same Spot Twice!

Remember my love interest from When Love Strikes... What are the odds I would run into him again? It's been 4 years. He was the absolute best. He could do no wrong. Why did I leave him? I was emotionally immature and wasn't ready for the kind of love he was peddling. I just woke up one day and decided I had enough of one man putting me first, pandering to me, singing me to sleep, caring for me, etc. I decided I was better off with jerks. I deserve everything I got after him and then some.
He was good for my ego and he made me feel like a queen. I still think of him when I listen to John Legend's All of Me. I always wondered what would have happened if I wasn't bent on self-sabotaging. He fought for me but I wasn't willing to be won! Who would think I would love someone that much and still walk out of a relationship with him because I was bored?
You have no idea how glad I am that God gives second chances. It's one of the reasons I'm not a bitter woman. Mos…

Finding Adupeola (No more flaking...I promise)

I know I haven't written in a long while, my sincere apologies. I was busy finding myself. I was one of those people that always laughed at people who said stuff like that. What exactly does “finding yourself” mean? How did you lose yourself? Can you lose yourself? I don't think I've been myself in 10 years. We all watched Finding Nemo & Finding Dora. You agree with me that their getting lost was their fault right? Going by that theory, losing myself must have been my fault, right? It was. I let other people's opinion define me. I lived my life for them leaving nothing for myself. Selfless? Nah! I just wasn't confident enough in my own skin.
I didn't love me enough to fight for me. I adopted so many personas I forgot who I was. I forgot what I loved to eat. My favorite kind of music. My favorite pastimes. I forgot the things I used to enjoy. I forgot so much my brain literally locked stuff away. I never knew how much of myself was gone until I went for a pa…

Dear Future Husband

I know I've written something like this before...but I've been reading a lot of it online and decided to write my own.Dear Future Husband,I thought about you before drifting off to sleep last night. I can't wait for the moment you go from being abstract to becoming my reality. The first time I thought about you, I was 8. I had just watched Mulan and I wondered if like Mulan and Captain Li Shang, we'll be able to recognize each other even when I'm not actively looking out for you or I don't look like the picture in your head. I've always hoped that no matter what, we find our way home.Thanks to Disney, I grew up with my head in the clouds. Reality has been mind-jarring but I'm still an hopeless romantic. I believe in love wholeheartedly. The forever kind of love. Where we grow old and grey with our children, grand-children & great grand-children round about our table. I know love like this will definitely take some work and I'm ready to give a hu…

Sigh...Guess Who's Back?

I know I haven't written on here in a long while. Forgive my neglect. I just didn't have any new adventures to write about or topics I'm researching. I'll do better though. I promise.Sigh...Sunday was...sigh!  I don't usually say I hate Mondays but I got traumatised today so I might join others in chanting that. Sigh...! I just can't help sighing. I'm disappointed and instead of crying or laughing at myself, I've found myself sighing instead. If you follow me on other platforms, you would know I recently joined the children's unit of my church and I am loving it! I've always loved kids and I just know this is where God wants me. The kids are so pleasant and they don't put me on my guard like adults do. You should know that I already have favorites. I have 4. They make my heart flutter and my ovaries cry out. I've noticed that favorite #2 looks familiar. The boy is a tease. If I spank him, he'll run after me and spank me back. Sometim…

My New Crush

By now you should know how I like my men. Tall, dark, handsome, intelligent and ambitious. I'm not a fickle woman. I am open to change but some things about me will never change. I know what I want and I'm not open to settling. I want someone that will always tickle my fancy. I've been told often that I want more than is humanly possible to have and that it might be one of the reasons that I am still single๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’. I disagree. There's nothing wrong with a girl holding on to faith that the man of her dreams will suddenly appear by her side. I don't know when that will happen but I know it will. I'm committed to the wait. In the meantime though, I'm open to having a crush here and there. A crush means a one-sided or unrequited love. I don't even mind if these 'objects' of my affections never find out how I feel (in fact, it would be best for my ego if they never found out). Remember the last guy, I got over him all by myself. He was never the wiser…