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The Fear of Growing Up

Scientists call it, "gerascophobia". 2 years ago, I shared a story about how I had to fill a form online. At the time, I had convinced myself I was 21. It was so convincing that I had actually been telling people that age. In the process of filling up the form, the computer calculated my age and told me I was 23. I proceeded to argue with the computer. Even going as far as refreshing the page and starting the registration all over again. I finally whipped out my phone and decided to calculate my age because obviously that computer had a grudge against me. Lo and behold, my phone also told me I was 23. Still in denial, I called up my mum and asked her how old I was. Her reply was, "Ayo, so gbadun daada bayi?" (Ayo, are you well?) And she hung up.I had just recieved quite the shock. Despite my living in chronic denial, I still continued to grow. Time continued to pass. I continued to age. Every year, I'm thankful for the gift of life. I'm thankful that even t…