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Sigh...Guess Who's Back?

I know I haven't written on here in a long while. Forgive my neglect. I just didn't have any new adventures to write about or topics I'm researching. I'll do better though. I promise.Sigh...Sunday was...sigh!  I don't usually say I hate Mondays but I got traumatised today so I might join others in chanting that. Sigh...! I just can't help sighing. I'm disappointed and instead of crying or laughing at myself, I've found myself sighing instead. If you follow me on other platforms, you would know I recently joined the children's unit of my church and I am loving it! I've always loved kids and I just know this is where God wants me. The kids are so pleasant and they don't put me on my guard like adults do. You should know that I already have favorites. I have 4. They make my heart flutter and my ovaries cry out. I've noticed that favorite #2 looks familiar. The boy is a tease. If I spank him, he'll run after me and spank me back. Sometim…