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The Rebound!!!

I'm almost certain that in this day and age every one is quite aware of who or what a rebound is, but to be sure we're all on the same page, I'll go ahead and proffer my definition of the term. I know that rebound can be defined as bouncing back after hitting a hard surface. Ironically, this definition applies to relationships as well. One is said to be on the rebound when one goes straight from one relationship to another immediately after a bad breakup. Therefore, rebound in my opinion can be defined as starting a new relationship immediately after the last to avoid the pain of a breakup. The misconception here is that most people consider this as proof of their moving on. It's proof alright, but only of their cowardice! I've been guilty of this as well so know I'm not here to judge. I'm only here to help you understand why a rebound is the wrong way to go.

I need you to understand that there's a grieving period after every loss. A breakup qualifies …

The Gift Of GoodBye!!!

Often we don't understand why life happens the way it does. We find it hard to move past old battle scars. We keep peeling the scabs of old wounds because we are reluctant to let it heal properly. we want it to take longer and we want it to scar so we never forget. I know they say, "experience is the best teacher", but sometimes, experience teaches us the wrong thing. We don't stop to think that everything does indeed happen for a reason. Horrible experiences are sometimes blessings in disguise. I am not saying that you are not allowed to hurt or grieve and neither am I saying that the things that have happened to you are inconsequential. I'm merely saying, do not let past disappointments hold you back.

I'm sure at some time you have heard the saying, 'the gift of goodbye'. We've been told to give the gift of goodbye to people that take us for granted or do not appreciate our presence. Do you know it works both ways? The people that left you also…